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Contemporary and Modern Floral Design - available 8th July

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LEARN HOW TO CREATE MODERN FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS.  How to make a contemporary flower arrangement
Contemporary and modern flower arrangements
How to make a modern arrangement
How to learn modern flower arranging
Sharon Dower
Sharon Dower- Floral Innovations
Online flower arranging lessons
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Welcome to our brand new set of lessons featuring 5 exciting contemporary floral designs! Each lesson offers unique techniques to create stunning arrangements using supermarket, garden, or garden centre flowers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced florist or hobby flower arranger, these lessons cater to all skill levels. Purchase individual sessions or save with a discounted package for all 5 lessons. Learn the art of contemporary floral design without the need for specialist florist flowers. Lessons are conveniently recorded to be viewed at anytime from anywhere in the world, you also have the ability to view them multiple times, and have the ability to pause and rewind. Additionally, I'll mention the Group Discussion Chat Room feature where students can interact, post photos, and ask questions. Week 1 - Tall contemporary design using dried Agave leaves. This first lesson will show you how to use a simple supermarket Orchid to create a dramatic floral design accented with tropical foliage. Week 2 - Utilising a bamboo placemat to create a elegant linear design making use of contorted Hazel, shiny foliages and a few, simple flowers from supermarket mixed bunch. Week 3 - Lets take a look at manipulating leaves by bending and stapling to create a rhythmic flower arrangement, highlighting how a basic flowering can still create an impressive design. Week 4 - This week sees the use of plastic vials to create a construction to hold the floral design, this style uses a binding or winding technique to form an unusual structure to display your flowers. This design will work will with flowers bought in plant form from a supermarket or garden centre. It also provides you with a reusable container to use at different times of the year. Week 5 - I'll finish with a design that is to be featured in Flora magazines Summer Issue - But its a secret! So I can't tell you anymore!


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