Make at Home - Mantlepiece Arrangement Kit

This year we've made all our usually workshops available to everyone in a 'Make at home' kit form.  


It's been a difficult year for workshops as I've had to cancel so many due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


This year its more important than ever for me to keep providing these floral design workshops.  You can choose to make the design at home, safely and in your own time.  Or you can have some friends and family over for a small get together (depending on the current rules) or plan a afternoon of fun with your children or grandchildren.  What ever you choose it will be a fabulous memory of what otherwise has been a fairly rubbish year.


All the materials are supplied with a link to a private YouTube video


This is the first year of making a design for the mantelpiece although its been requested many times.  Its a great opportunity to learn the techniques needed to create a full length mantlepiece design.  During the workshop we are only using cones and mixed Christmas greens, as everyones decor is different, you will be offered the choice of red, green and gold or blue, white and silver.


No berries in this one, incase they drop off and damage your carpet!


Lots of gorgeous scented blue pine, cones and mixed Christmas greens, soem fresh flowers and accessories



This one has 2 options - Traditional Reds and Greens or Contemporary Silver and Blue


Make at Home - Mantlepiece Arrangement Kit

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