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The Summer Collection - 10 Week Course

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The Summer Collection is the final set of 10-week flower arranging courses, showcasing the art of creating traditional, vintage, and current floral trends in captivating arrangements. Week 1 - Lily Enclosure - learn to create a bamboo structure to act as a decorative element alongside beautiful Lilies Week 2 - Contemporary Twist on the Hogarth Curve - bringing the classic Lazy S shape arrangement up to date Week 3 - Raised Posy Arrangement - Expanding the skills learnt to create a posy arrangement by adding in a raised container rather than a flat base Week 4 - Long and Low Layered Arrangement - A modern twist on the long and low table arrangement using seasonal Hydrangea Week 5 - Boxed Arrangement - Often called the 'Cheats Hand-tied' a design in floral foam that imitates a hand-tied bouquet Week 6 - Champagne Flowers - a design currently taking the internet by storm, arranging on a bottle of wine, champagne or spirits Week 7 - Raised/Elevated Classic Oval Table Arrangement - Another version of an oval table arrangement but raised in an elevated container Week 8 - Modern Gladioli Arrangement - Looking at using the inexpensive seasonal Gladioli to produce a modern design Week 9 - Contemporary L Shape Arrangement - A contemporary take on the classic L shape arrangement Week 10 - A Design Inspired by Dutch-Flemish Painting - Taking a look back at the classic design inspired by Dutch/Flemish paintings of the 17th/18th century


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