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In Person Courses

Step into my cosy floral studio, nestled in the outskirts of Llanelli, Wales, in the sleepy village of Bynea and be inspired by the stunning array of flowers and foliage that await you. My studio is a creative sanctuary where you can unleash your imagination and bring your floral visions to life in a warm and welcoming environment.

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Hands-On Instruction for All Skill Levels

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics of floral design or an experienced florist looking to refine your skills, my in-person classes cater to all levels of expertise.


With personalised instruction, I'll guide you through each step of the floral design process, from selecting the perfect blooms to creating breath-taking arrangements that are sure to impress.


Explore Different Techniques and Styles

In my classes, we'll dive into the world of floral design and explore a variety of techniques and styles.


From classic to modern, romantic to contemporary, we'll experiment with different flower types, colours, textures, and arrangement styles to help you discover your unique floral voice.


Get ready to stretch your creative muscles and push the boundaries of your floral artistry!

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Connect with a Passionate Floral Community

One of the highlights of my in-person classes is the opportunity to connect with like-minded floral enthusiasts. You'll be part of a vibrant community of individuals who share the same passion for flowers and design. We'll share ideas, stories, and laughs as we bond over our love for all things floral. The camaraderie and support from fellow students create a truly enriching and memorable experience.


Join Me for an Unforgettable Floral Journey

Join me for an unforgettable floral journey where you'll gain new skills, unleash your creativity, and connect with a passionate floral community.


Book your spot today and let's embark on this floral adventure together!

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