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Supermarket Flowers Course

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Transform Supermarket Blooms: Learn to Design Stunning Flower Arrangements at Home This online course will teach you the secrets to creating gorgeous, professional-looking flower arrangements using readily available supermarket flowers. No prior experience necessary. Enrol today and unleash your inner floral designer! Course Description: Week 1 of our Supermarket Flowers Course introduces students to the timeless art of creating classic rose arrangements using floral foam. This foundational week focuses on mastering the basics, from preparing the floral foam to crafting a round arrangement suitable for the centre of a table. Participants will also learn essential techniques for caring for roses sourced from supermarkets, ensuring the longevity and vibrancy of their creations. In Week 2 we'll delve into the art of creating mixed flower arrangements using environmentally friendly wire netting as an alternative to traditional floral foam. This week focuses on sustainable practices, emphasising the selection of fresh flowers and the benefits of incorporating wire netting into floral arrangements. Week 3 shows you how to create round arrangements in floral foam, coupled with in-depth insights into the care and selection of lilies and other supermarket flowers. Participants will learn the art of crafting harmonious round compositions while gaining expertise in nurturing and choosing the perfect lilies for their arrangements. Week 4 explores the intricacies of creating oval table arrangements enhanced with a central candle, elevating your floral design skills to new heights. Participants will learn to create stunning arrangements suitable for various occasions, including Christmas dining tables, dinner party extravaganzas, and wedding receptions. Week 5 In the final week of our course, participants will explore contemporary techniques by creating front-facing arrangements characterised by bold colour blocking and innovative floral composition


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