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Foam-Free Floristry

Learn five different foam-free techniques.

This five week course aims to provide you with the building blocks for good floristry designs without using floral foam. I'll educate you on how to create beautiful designs with five different styles of mechanics, that are far more environmentally friendly and gentler to our ecosystem.

Although floral foam is still widely used in commercial floristry, many designers and retail florists are looking for methods that are kinder effect on the planet.

If you have ambitions to create more eco-friendly designs and to provide your customer base with more foam-free floristry, then this is a great starting point.

Each class runs for approximately one hour and covers both theory and practical elements, focusing on the skills and techniques you need to produce amazing designs.

Foam-Free Floristry

Course Outline

This course is presented via online weekly Zoom sessions.​ You can join from the comfort of your own home or workplace and watch a full tutorial each week. You don't need to participate in constructing your own floral design, just sit back and watch as Sharon demonstrated a different design each week.  

Upon purchasing a course plan, you will automatically be given access to dedicated forum posts. This is where all information for the course will be placed such as Zoom links, learning material, and general question pages.

All courses are available to watch via recordings after the live session has finished. Please note that it may take a few days to edit and upload all of the content. All material is available to download for up to six months after the start date of the course.



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* Photos of each week's arrangement should be uploaded for feedback on the designated forum post.

† Requires photo evidence of each week's arrangement and attendance of each week's session.

‡ Requires attendance of each week's session.

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